Osteria di Tramonto

Osteria di Tramonto
Osteria di Tramonto is located in The Westin Chicago North Shore hotel at 601 N. Milwaukee Avenue in Wheeling, IL, 60090 and is open for breakfast daily from 6 to 11 a.m.; lunch daily from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.; dinner Sunday through Thursday from 4 to 10 p.m., Friday and Saturday from 4 to 11 p.m. Call 847-777-6570 for additional information and reservations.

Osteria di Tramonto is a mid-priced dining experience for Westin Hotel guests and local residents serving ala carte breakfast, lunch and dinner while accommodating room service. Children will be welcome. A contemporary-yet-rustic design by Johnson Studios of Atlanta features exposed brick work, warm colors, an open kitchen and a glass wine wall.

A friend of mine who happens to be an expert truck accident lawyer living in Las Vegas, was in Chicago recently. He was investigating a serious vehicular accident that involved several passenger cars and big eighteen wheeler trucks that collided on one of the major highways. There were fatalities. Since he was staying at the Westin Chicago North Shore Hotel and ate most of his meals at Osteria di Tramonto. As a lover of excellent Italian food (he’s Italian on his mother’s side), he graciously verified everything about this restaurant. However, he did complain about Chicago’s drinking water. In Las Vegas he has bottled water delivered to his house and office every week. The bottled water delivery service, Tahoe Springs, offers several types of water, but if I remember correctly, he prefers their Mountain Spring Water which apparently flows from a 3,000 year old source in the mountains. The area’s rain and snow filter naturally through rock, creating nature‚Äôs own perfect water or so he says. He obviously can taste the difference from Chicago’s municipal water and the spring water that is delivered from Tahoo Springs. He said he will bring a carton of the bottle spring water with him if he ever visits Chicago again. I get it. When I visit my sister in Bluffton, Ohio her local spring water smells and tastes of sulphur. It is difficult even to brush one’s teeth. I always buy bottled water for drinking when I am there.

Dining Room
The dining room, highlighted by the open kitchen featuring a wood-burning oven, has a counter for single customers and couples to sit and enjoy the show. Periodically, when Tramonto or Gand are at the location, they will be behind the bar cooking and entertaining the guests. Service is friendly, energetic and informative.

The Cuisine
The cuisine of Osteria di Tramonto focuses on quality and seasonal ingredients, with menus featuring all regions of Italy. The restaurant will offer a wide selection of antipasti, wood-oven pizzas, rustic pasta dishes, simple yet flavorful fish preparations and old world braised items and Italian specialties with contemporary twists. Cheeses and house made desserts by pastry chef Gale Gand are featured. An extensive Italian wine program showcases wines served in quality glassware while an extensive bar and cocktail list features Italian cocktails and beers.

The Bar
The design of the bar includes flat screen TVs playing sports and old B&W Italian films. Fun upbeat music with lots of energy plays in the background. Food offered in the bar area includes for hotel guests and locals small plates, enoteca-style, for quick bites to eat. Merchandise, such as Tramonto and Gand’s signed cookbooks are available. Private and semi-private dining for both private and corporate events is also available.

Osteria di Tramonto is worth the trip. The restaurant satisfies your every whim. They seem to love each one of the people who walk through the door. It is really a first class experience like none other. The flavors that are being experience there are like none I have ever tasted elsewhere.

This is ground breaking. Run, don’t walk. Come with your friends & loved ones so they can share in culinary creations that should be considered masterpieces. You may think I am just joking but I am not. Come down and give it a try.

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