Gale’s Coffee Bar

Gale’s Coffee Bar

UPDATE: Sadly Gale’s Coffee Bar is permanently closed!

Gale’s Coffee Bar is located in The Westin Chicago North Shore hotel at 601 N. Milwaukee Avenue in Wheeling, IL, 60090 and is open daily from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. Call 847-777-6590 for additional information.
Gale’s Coffee Bar, a small ‘grab-and-go’ pastry/coffee shop located off the lobby of the hotel will showcase pastry from Gand and provides the perfect place to pick up morning coffee and breakfast pastries or later in the day, an easy lunch. In addition to specialty coffee drinks and croissants, etc., Gale’s Coffee Bar will offer breads, soups, fresh fruit offerings and ‘grab-and-go’ sandwiches. Service will be friendly, energetic and informative and will reflect Gale’s approachable personality.

An aside: Well service was friendly. I should know since I worked there for a short amount of time. Customer service and great food were the two mantras. Boy do I have loads of entertaining stories to tell about the various customers who dropped in for a bit to eat. On one particularly busy day a young man came in very distraught. He was agitated and yet seemed frightened or concern about something. I peeked over his shoulder while he was intensely texting someone and saw the words STD and then home testing kit. Oh boy, I thought. Someone might be in trouble. I can relate. A friend of mine texted me a “help, I need some info pronto message” when she thought she might have contracted Chlamydia. She didn’t want to go to her doctor right away, but asked me about if I knew about an sti diagnostic kit, sort of like the type of kit you can buy to see if you are pregnant. She was at work and couldn’t use a computer, so I did the research and found several sites that sold home std test kits. The up side was you could get the results in 15 minutes. The downside was that it would take about 5 days for before arriving. When I asked more questions about her symptoms, they sounded awfully similar to a urinary tract infection. It turned out that was the case, but she was really freaking out. I don’t know what happened in that young man’s case. Hopefully it was a false alarm. I tried to be especially friendly and considerate to him, but I think he was preoccupied. He did leave a nice tip, however.

As you peek in the windows with their colorful custom Roman Shades you will find a warm welcoming space. When we chose the decor for the bar, the designer suggested a flat or hobbled roman shade style since they are the most functional of the various custom roman shade styles that are available.

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