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Bookings available beginning November 28, 2006.
Contemporary & sophisticated, Tramonto’s Steak & Seafood lends dramatic elegance with a private dining room that offers very private dining services such as dinner parties and receptions. Should our established private dining room not perfectly accommodate your needs, our main dining room or the entire restaurant is also available for private functions.

The Candle Room (accommodates up to 50 seated guests and 75 reception style guests) is located on the 2nd floor and is highlighted by a unique contemporary chandelier. It’s a sleek room featuring fully dressed tables and plush red velvet chairs with views of the glass wine wall.

RT Lounge

Bookings available beginning November 28, 2006.
Stylish & spacious, RT Lounge offers the perfect venue for a large reception. The room is highlighted by a four-sided glass enclosed fireplace which is located in the center of the space leaving guests plenty of room to mingle. Additionally, there will be seating available for about 35 guests at existing small tables with plush chairs and velvet banquettes. An existing sleek bar and sushi bar are the perfect touches within this swanky lounge. This space can accommodate up to 100 guests reception style and is available for exclusive use Sunday through Thursday in the evening as well as week and weekends during the day.


This outdoor area is best for early evening dinners, candlelit and during the warm spring and late summer. Sit amongst the flowers and enjoy your evening with some fine wine and delicious dinner choices. Our patio is styled after an annual visit to my uncles place in Australia. He is an avid gardener and loves all kinds of flowers. While visiting him he took us to see garden grounds. We decided we must have an eating area to replicate this serene environment and so our Patio was created.

Chef Tramonto’s Table

Bookings available beginning December 12, 2006.
Chef Tramonto’s Table (accommodates up to six guests) it is the ideal place to celebrate more intimate occasions. The space is enclosed by the glass walls of the wine wall which separate Tramonto’s Steak & Seafood from Osteria di Tramonto, creating a striking space where Tramonto and his team will create a special menu for guests based on the inspirations of the season and the current dining trends. 3 different set menu pricing structures will be offered within the space, making this one of the most desirable tables to get on the North Shore.

No matter where you look, far & wide, you will have a very hard time matching the quality of food or service. The entire experience is just fascinating. You really must try it in order to even begin comprehending that which I am speaking. Once you have enjoyed the dining experience at one of these restaurants, you will understand what it is you have been missing every single time you have ever eaten elsewhere. The wine selection is top notch but the best part is that the staff actually know what they are taking about. There is nothing worse than having a fine meal ruined by the seemingly un-educated selection of wine that the waiter recommended. If you are not a connoisseur you have no place recommending something to other people, please refrain. That is never the case in these restaurants. If a wine can be found that goes with the food being served, your waiter will know about it & if you request a selection unbecoming the dining experience they will be the first to let you know there is a better choice.

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