The Restaurants

Osteria di Tramonto,
a three-meal restaurant offering Italian specialties;

Tramonto’s Steak & Seafood,
a dinner-only restaurant featuring specially cut steaks and fresh seafood preparations;

the RT Lounge,
a stylish lounge serving small plates of oysters, shrimp and other ‘crudos’;

and Gale’s Coffee Bar, 
a pastry/coffee shop where great coffee drinks, breakfast pastries and quick pick-up lunch sandwiches and other items will be available. Cenitare looks forward to expanding these concepts further into various international markets.

Mobile Devises & Restaurant Dining
With the design advances made on mobile phones, there has been a seismic shift in dining etiquette. Just the other night I was having dinner with friends at Osteria di Tramonto. I observed a couple seated at the next table. Both the young woman and man had their mobile phones out and were spending, I thought, more time texting than speaking with one another. I then realized that they weren’t actually texting at all, but instead were playing online US slots games… and apparently winning. They found a site that has the best new listing for players of US slots – best payoffs, free rolls, etc. I’m not a prude when it comes to online gambling. I enjoy the ease and convenience of being able to play at home on my computer whenever I want. However, with so many of the online casino sites now being mobile friendly, people who might not open up a laptop on the table while eating dinner in a restaurant, apparently have no qualms about using their smaller mobile phones or small tablets to text, email, and gamble. OK perhaps it’s fine at a very casual restaurant or at a bar, but at a high end, white table cloth restaurant….I can see Emily Post rolling over in her grave!

A Bit of History

The prime mover behind this enterprise is Robin Walet of Newport Beach. Robin wanted to showcase the talents of the Crohn brothers, who were top chefs in the Belguim Centrum Eateries, and controlled the menus of all of its restaurants, including branches in Paris and Melbourne. The problem for her was money. She was broke and recently divorced with 2 kids in grammar school and a sick mother living at home. The money situation was so dour that her kids had been wearing the same Descente ski jackets for the past three years that they had received as a Christmas present when their father still lived with them. Although the Descente ski jackets were beginning to get too small for the boys, they were still holding up amazingly well. It just goes to show that quality products are well worth the money.

And speaking of money…the bank was foreclosing on her house and she, in desperation, applied for an online cash advance, using an internet bank in Missouri, where for some reason, they approved her cash within 24 hours. Instead of paying off the mortgage, Robin made a down payment on the building that would become the first Osteria. The rest is history, so to speak, and we often relay the story of how a risky and perhaps foolish cash advance (with an exorbitant interest rate) fueled an amazingly successful, gourmet culture resulting in over 10 restaurants in 3 cities. The reviews and reservations speak to the incredible attention to culinary expertise paid by Robin and her partners. The Pump Organization recently made a large investment specifically to launch a Rome location by the end of the year, and has made arrangements to secure organically grown produce from Spain and Brazil. Meat and fish suppliers are already on board, and also supply our US locations. We expect the Rome restaurant to become a tourist destination because of it’s pre launch publicity and it’s incredible location in the heart of Rome’s theater district.

It does not matter which of the restaurants you take for example it is at the top of it’s class. The reason for this is that each and every member of the team care about the establishment & the guests. It takes nothing less than 100% commitment from everyone involved to accomplish the monumental task of not only satisfying but exceeding the expectation of our patrons. Each team member must be at the top of their game because if just one customer has a problem it effects the everyone. We strive for perfection in every area and the team leaders are very good at organizing a smooth experience for the guest from reserving a table to taking care of the check.

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