Gales Coffee Bar 2

My partner preferred the balloon roman shade’s style but they are not recommended in situations where the raising and lowering of the shades occurs multiple times a day. Since we need to raise and lower the shades depending upon how the sun enters the space, the flat roman shade style was the best solution. The designer also suggested making them thermal shades with blackout lining since it offers light control, as well as energy conservation. We concurred. We feel the custom shades are distinctive with their colorful stripes from outside and adds a lot to the coffee bar’s ambiance.

We hope to reflect the level of service that our guests hope for. We offer some of the most delectable treats known to exist. In the morning we have dozens of pastries, all created by master craftsmen. They are world class treats & if it were not for the calories I would recommend you try all of them immediately. We also have special treats that are welcome additions to our regular lineup. They often reflect tastes from exotic locations from around the world. Keep an eye out & try one when you get the chance.

In the afternoon we offer a very nice selection of hearty sandwiches. You can come in to enjoy one of our creations or simply request one of your favorites. We are happy to make it either way. Often we add new types of sandwich ideas to the menu as well. These are usually for a limited time but if we find a winner, we are certain to add it to the list of our favorites. There is also at least one soup everyday. We recommend the soup & salad combo to try out some of our fantastic gourmet soup selections.

Please remember all of our ingredients are fresh. We make everything the way your mother used to, from scratch. We have a dedicated staff coming everyday hours before the doors open to prepare these delights. We work tirelessly to create the most tasty treats known to exist so you can have breakfast & we make sure to serve a healthy, hearty meal at lunch time all while being economically conscientious. We know that every one in this economy does not have money to throw around so we make sure that value is always our top priority.

We are always striving to do everything in our power to make sure every guest is happy because we love happy guests. If we fall short in any way or you have any questions at all, we would love to hear from you. Please take a moment to let us know what you think. We do not always have time to respond but you might get a little note back…