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In 2011 his new book, “Scars of a Chef” was published detailing his tragic childhood due to his parents volatile marriage, his struggles with learning disabilities that were so severe that he did not graduate from high school, and his drug and alcohol addiction. After 10 years at Tru, Tramonto left to pursue new culinary adventures.

Rick Tramonto and Mr. Folse, a long time business associate now own the restaurant development company called Home on the Range and are seeking out more projects. During 2011 he split his time between Chicago and New Orleans, where he was working on his new project: Restaurant R’evolution featuring Cajun and Creole food, which opened in the French Quarter in October 2011. With six totally unique dining rooms within Restaurant Revolution, there are rooms that would be perfect for just about every special occasion.

In order to simplify the ordering of all janitorial supplies needed to maintain his restaurants, an online store that specialized in not only janitorial supplies, but also restaurant supplies was engaged. CleanItSupplies provided all paper products on a whole sale basis including toilet paper, wholesale multifold towels, trash bags and cans, all sorts of cleaning products, along with pest control and just about any other product needed to maintain the janitorial needs of a restaurant. This particular vender has been very responsive to both restaurants’ janitorial needs.

In order to maintain both restaurants with ease, Rick Tramonto did what many busy executives do, he contacted a company that specialized in arranging on-demand private jet charter flights. With safe and hassle-free private charter jets available on-demand within four hours in case of an emergency or planned on a more regular schedule, the distance was not a issue. A limo would take him to a nearby FBO boarding location for his private jet charter flight. With no long lines to navigate such are found in many busy commercial airport terminals, he could be quickly in the air, relaxing in comfort. Most private jet charters cater food to the client’s preference. One wonders whether Rick Tramonto had his restaurants pack him something special for his jet charter flights!

As of 2013 Rick Tramonto lives in New Orlean, Louisianna with his 2nd wife while his two younger sons finish high school. However he envisions returning to Chicago to open yet another restaurant, perhaps enlisting former partners, including his ex-wife, Gale Gand (his pastry chef at Tru and at Trio in Evanston) and Mr. Melman. Farther in the future he’d like to own restaurants in New York and Napa Valley.