About Cenitare

Founded in 2005, Cenitare, a restaurant development and management company, brings culinary, wine and service expertise to its properties. Well-capitalized through a network of high net worth investors, Cenitare will focus on high-concept restaurants and enlist the talent and reputation of culinary duo Rick Tramonto and Gale Gand of Chicago’s highly acclaimed four-star restaurant Tru.

In 2011 Rick Tramonto spent his time between Chicago and New Orleans, where he was starting his new project: Restaurant R’evolution featuring Cajun and Creole food. This fabulous new joint opened in the French Quarter in October 2011. Recently, a group of avid movie memorabilia collectors joined Ralph DeLuca, who is a recognized authority on classic movie and music concert posters and does movie poster appraisals, for a memorable meal. Ralph DeLuca also handles all aspects of antique movie poster restoration and conservation of historic pieces of art. The group of collectors not only enjoyed gleaning insights regarding the movie memorabilia marketplace and being shown pictures of some recent acquisitions, they were treated to some New Orleans classics from Restaurant R’evolution, such as Seafood Gumbo, Gulf Shrimp and Grits and Beer Battered Crab Beignets along with some wonderful new creations by Tramonto such as Death by Gumbo, Corn and Crab Cappuccino, Sheep Ricotta Gnocchi with Lobster, Taffy Apple Foie Gras, Tramonto’s Caviar Staircases, Pecan smoked Pork Shank, and Ginger Fried St. Peter’s Fish.

Cenitare continues to seek out new restuarante ventures across the united states and perhaps one day, across the globe. Tramonto loves to eat and travel, he firmly believes food is one of the most important parts of culture. To truly experience a new place one must eat the food of its people. Food travel has become more popular these days as the internet has continued with global expansion. It’s a breeze to find great local places faster than ever using chat rooms, blogs and online travel bulletin boards. The food of any place is deeply rooted in the place’s culture, this is evident all through out the world and even within the United States.

We are sure that given the chance you will enjoy your experience tremendously. If you have never had one of our dining experiences then you should take the opportunity to enjoy one as soon as possible. You can treat yourself as a reward for an accomplishment or treat a friend to dinner for a special occasion. No matter what the event, large or small, we are sure to have the venue & food to suit your needs.

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