Cenitare Restaurants

Please take a moment to look over this list. Each location has several unique gifts to offer a first time visitor. I am sure you will enjoy which ever location you decide upon..

Cenitare Restaurants are a group of high concept restaurants founded in 2005 that brings culinary expertise to the front of dining.

Cenitare Restaurants include:

  • Osteria di Tramonto
  • Tramonto’s Steak & Seafood
  • RT Lounge
  • Gale’s Coffee Bar

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There have been rumors that a casual restaurant that will cater to pet owners (specifically dogs- sorry cat owners) is in the planning stage for future development. People who have pets will have access to a large dog run divided into areas for small, medium, and large dogs. There will be special pet doors that allow animals to enter certain marked off areas. The dog doors will be similar to door-mount, wall mount, window mount, electronic dog doors and patio pet doors that many dog and cat owners install in their own homes. There have been some ideas floated that dogs with special RFID, magnetic or electro-magnetic technologiy collars will have access to select areas via the dog door entrance with just a toggle that the dog owner will be given upon entering the restaurant. Quite frankly the concept seems a bit farfetched, but we’ll keep you posted if it actually reaches fruition.

For Children
We have a miniature golf course set up on the premises of some our restaurants for families who enjoy playing together. We purchased a number of child friendly putters from AllKidsGolfClubs – they offer a nice selection of kids golf clubs as well as accessories. A number of our investors are golfing mavens and came up with this idea as an incentive for families to dine with us. Golf is especially accessible and conducive to a wonderful bonding experience. Come early for dinner and have fun – prizes for the first hole in one every day!


Private Dining
We are committed to providing beautiful spaces, delicious cuisine and attentive service to our corporate clients so they can host the private dining parties of their dreams. A number of distinguished professional organizations and partnerships have already committed to this service, including the local Chamber of Commerce, Nottingham Society and The Seaway Consortium – which boasts a handful of maritime lawyers and union representatives from the Nautical Society. These spaces are especially suited to client based and supported entertainment and social gatherings due to the formal atmosphere and accompanying services.

It was while attending a lavish corporate event at Osteria di Tramonto that I learned about a new medicine to quit drinking alcohol which totally changed my life. A corporate lawyer who was sitting next to me sipping a glass of wine related how through a google search he discovered a website called LifeBac that offered a program to help those who were excessive drinkers. The program included both a pharmacotherapy and psychotherapy component. The medication which is used is called Baclofen, a drug that removes or strongly suppresses cravings for alcohol in 92% of people. He said that initial clinical trials show that Baclofen has a 65% success rate for treatment-resistant alcoholics, allowing them to return to low- or medium-risk drinking. I immediately asked “You are allowed to continue enjoying wine or a beer?” That’s right, this treatment doesn’t require abstinence although many people do stop all drinking. Baclofen doesn’t affect the taste of alcohol or the pleasure of drinking. It simply removes the addictive components that lead to overindulgence and allows a person to drink in moderation. The lawyer confided that he had been a heavy drinker and it was affecting both his personal life and work. But the LifeBac program actually worked and his drinking was under control. The following day I looked up the site LifeBac and the rest is history. What can I say, that one corporate event profoundly changed my life. As far as the food and wine, both were excellent and I would recommend holding a special event at the Osteria di Tramonto restaurant.

For more information on what we will be offering to make our guests’ special occasions memorable for years to come, please email our corporate private dining director at [email protected].
All rooms have audio visual capabilities which can be discussed in more detail at time of inquiry.
We also offer gourmet baskets as corporate gifts filled with our delicious sauces, condiments, relishes, breads and crackers along with other samplings of our gourmet foods. Some of our corporate gift baskets contain a refined selection of our best cookies, candies, and sweets made in our very own kitchens. Each corporate gift basket for your clients arrives with a personalized silver tag attached to the handle. We use unique containers for our baskets that can be reused after all the goodies are consumed. Since many people who eat at our restaurants appreciate the depth and breathe of our wine cellar, we have also created wine gift baskets for corporate clients with wine accessories and glasses, so they can enjoy our wine cellars from the comfort of their own home. Please check with your client’s company to make sure what their policies are regarding corporate gifts so we may remain within their guidelines.

Osteria di Tramonto

Bookings available starting, Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, November 23 2006.
The Piazza del Vino (accommodating up to 32 seated guests and 45 guest reception style), is located adjacent to the main dining room and offers rustic wooden table arrangements and leather upholstered chairs. Guests have the option to partake in the ambiance of the restaurant or close the plush velvet curtain to provide more privacy. In addition the room features a spectacular view of the wine wall and state of the art audio visual technology.

Tramonto’s Steak & Seafood

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